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  • It is heartening to inform our esteemed customers that DHA PSW has extended due date for submission of development charges from 10 Feb to 10 Mar 2018 The date is extended due to non receipt of development charges schedule by many of our respected customers bcz of various reason

    DHA Salient Features

    Salient Features Pictures

    Salient Features of DHAP

    • Every Sector is of about 1 Km square size with Neighbourhood facilities in Centre which are within walking distance.
    • Every Sec has school for kids, mosque, Minimart and Water Sup system.
    • Separate Sectors for larger (1 Kanal) and smaller plot sizes.
    • Independent Grid Sta, STP.
    • Fully secure by 12 ft high security wall.
    • Total size of DHAP is 5x2 Km.
    • Independent freeway link from Motorway in shape of Northern Bu pass (15 Km) and Ring Road, by passing Peshawar City.
    • Two Canals and Two seasonal Nullahs running through.
    • 130 ft Main Boulevard, 200 ft Canal and Green Avenues. 80 ft Sectoral Rds. 50 ft streets for 1 Kanal, 40 ft for 10 Marla and 30 ft for 5 Marla Plot Sectors.
    • Central Facilities and Commercial Areas in and out of DHAP.
    • Compact and interlinkage of all sectors.
    • Greens, parks, picnic spots and walking areas scattered all around.
    • Own Hospital and University.
    • 5 Star Hotels and Sky Scrappers of Big Brands.
    • Contain Farm houses.
    • Centrally located DHA Club, housing sports facilities and Community centre etc.
    • Self sustainable and secure living environment.
    • Golf course.
    • Integral educational complexes, designed to accommodate Nursery schools and ranging up to secondary, higher secondary, college and own University; giving space to Government and Private sectors initiatives.
    • Accommodating and making best use of existing Canals, Nullahs, HT power lines and grave yards.
    • State of the art traffic plan.
    • Modern designed and equipped Sectoral mosques and huge Main Jamia Mosque.
    • No Cul de Sac and Samosa plots.
    • Bringing canal water to green spots. Also re-using treated sewerage water after STP.
    • Fibre Optics and Under Ground electric system.
    • Expandable to further phases in future, towards all four sides.
    • Caring for and including residents from all stages of society by incorporating 4 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 1 Kanal, 10 Marla, 8 Marla and 5 Marla Residential Plots.
    • Future heavens for business lovers. We have compact and spread Commercial Bay, Corporate Bay, Central Facilities and Commercial Corridors with plot sizes ranging from 4 Kanal to 4 Marlas. Giving opportunity to make a new sky line of Peshawar.

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